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I am a wife, mom and grandma to four. Three grown kids all on their own and one 12 year old left to raise. I'm an avid crocheter and knitter. I crochet more than knit but have been knitting more and more.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

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Kinda sorta fixed my blog

Okey I changed the template again and got my profile at the top of the page. Also got my buttons put back on except for my crochet blogs button. I forgot my id and password to ringsurf and have an email out to Donna to see if she can send me a new ringcode. Other than that this'll do for the time being. Or at least until the kid decides to help me again. LOL. not.

Problems on my blog

Okey my blog looks really funky cause my daughter decided to change my background. So all my buttons are gone and I don't know how to get my side bar back up to where it should be. Sucks big time. On a brighter note I got a package from my yarn swap partner Fran today. She sent me so much neat stuff I am a bit overwhelmed. Here are some pics of the things she sent me. Now I need to figure out what to make with it all.
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Excuse the arm in one of my pictures as my daughter decided to stick her arm in the way. Oh and if anyone has any help for my blog I would take any hints and help.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

free cycle

Well I have been hearing about Freecycle for a while now and decided to give it a whirl. In our area you need to post a listing for an item you are giving away and then for every item you post(give away) you can post a couple of want items. Hope this makes sense. Anyway, I posted that I had a dishwasher that was broken but if there was a handyman with appliance he might want to rehabilitate it. I got a response within a couple hours which is great cause really don't know when we would get it out of here otherwise. Then I posted that I wanted any yarn or thread anyone was wanting to get rid of. Within a short time of posting I got an email from a lovely women in the next town who had some yarn and knitting needles to give away. Score. She sent me some rug yarn which i can crochet into a pretty nice rug. So all in all Freecycle has worked pretty well. I think I will keep my post up though for thread and see what happens.
I also received a box of yarn from Lynlee that was filled with all kinds of fun novelty yarns and chenille. I sent her a shawl I had crocheted but was too big for me and so we had a pretty good swap. I am already knitting a skinny scarf with some of the chenille yarn. I will post it as soon as I finish it. It has been a neat day and I acquired more yarn. Made my day for sure.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Checking in with finished shawls

As you can tell I end up blogging when I have something to actually show. Oh well this is my blog about my crafts so I guess thats okey in itself. Just got off the phone with my son who is in Irag. He is so wanting to get home, only about a month and a half left of his tour there. He said he dreamed he was home in Oregon kicking back, fishing and just hanging for his ten day leave. Just to hear his voice is a relief to me. We finally got another beautiful day here in the Pacific Northwest. Unforunately I have had to clean the house and do laundry so just got to look outside and open the house. Its all good though. I finished up a couple of shawls here recently, one is knitted and the other crocheted. I used the Joann's Sensations Rainbow Boucle that I had posted about previously. I think in one of the pics I showed the start of the knitted shawl in blue. The crocheted shawl is called the Serefina Shawl and really turns out nice with the rainbow boucle. Need to get some of this yarn in the purple, dark blue and greens if my local store ever gets it in.
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