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I am a wife, mom and grandma to four. Three grown kids all on their own and one 12 year old left to raise. I'm an avid crocheter and knitter. I crochet more than knit but have been knitting more and more.

Friday, March 25, 2005

2nd set of socks finished

Well yesterday I started a pattern I received from Kimberly at Woven N Spun's blog. She was kind enough to send me the patterns she had made up for socks. Since I am on a sock fetish lately I crocheted these up pretty quickly. Although I am new to crocheting socks it is an accomplishment that I completed them at all. My daughter likes the way they looked and is the model for the following pictures. She is a ham even if you don't see her face. I am going to start on another of Kimberly's patterns after I finish here and check out Crochetville. It was surprising that I finished these at all today due to the fact that my brain hasn't been functioning all that well all day. Making dumb mistakes at work but nothing serious thank goodness. But I did leave early just to get some rest and hopefully the brain will be functioning much better tomorrow. Well thats about it for now here are the pictures of Kimberlys Criss Cross Socks.
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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Rainy oregon

Well we are finally getting our rain. It has been a pretty dry and mild winter and so we really need the rain around here. We are also getting some wind coming up this weekend, so it will be kind of scary with the rain and wind.
We have 5 trees that have branches waiting to just fall off, landlord won't cut them until they fall so hopefully if they do decide to come down this weekend it will miss our house and and the neighbors. Well other than the weather not much has been going on, I am working on some socks for myself. I got the pattern from Kimberly at Woven N Spun and they are working up nicely. At least I think they are for me my daughter is making noises like she would like them. Hmmmm, that is unusual at the best of times because she is twelve and prefers store bought to home made usually.
I have two more sock patterns I will be working on after this but once I finish the ones I'm working on I will post them here. Well thats about it for now.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Spring is here

Although we are finally getting some rain here in Oregon, it is still spring by way of the child being home for a week. We decided that the ward off complete boredom for her we would take her out for the day. First of all I should say that Britts spring break was effective as of Thursday last week, so by Sunday she was a bit bored especially since mom and dad have had to work. Back to our day, we took her to see Robots at the theater. I have to say it is a laugh out loud movie, as I am not into cartoons I was especially surprised at how much I enjoyed it. After the show we let her browse the mall, another thing I am not a fan of, was entertaining to watch how much Britt enjoyed it. From there we hit a few other stores across town, which if you knew my husband he hates running from one end of town to the other but he took us without any complaints. What a guy! And the most important part is he took us back across town to our fav craft store so we could look around. I got a few things there, sock yarn to finish my socks I started yesterday and some new knitting needles. Wow it was a good day for all. Since then I have finished my socks and taken pics so that is what you will be seeing tonight.
I also was a tester on a pattern one of the girls made for a wrist purse. I thought her pattern was clear and concise and she added pics that I always appreciate. There wasn't very many errors for me to correct so all in all I thought it turned out well, the only bad part was that I picked out the wrong kind of yarn to use, I used peaches and cream and that was to thick for this project. I will be trying the pattern again with worsted weight yarn and see how that turns out. Well thats about it for now, here are the pics:
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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Just checking in

Not to much been hapening around here. We are watching the Jeff Foxworthy roast, ought to be funny.
Anyhow been crocheting more but no pictures as of yet, made three more poncho sets for two nieces and my youngest granddaughter. Hopefully their moms will send pics.. I finally got around to making a sock. It turned out okey just have to make the other one. Thats the problem with making socks you have to make two. Jeez what was I thinking. Trying out a couple more bookmarks also. Well we are now in our new home at it is so much better than our last board and one of the reasons I haven't posted lately because I am always there. okey thats about it for tonight.