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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Back again twice in one day

Okey forgot to mention on the pictures earlier. On the pineapple shawl I had made and unforunately it was to big for me. I am all of 4 foot 9 inches and the thing was just hanging on me. So being the wonderful husband that he is, Dennis offered to be the living model for me. We took the pics in our backyard and so there are shadows from the trees couldn't convince him to go in the front yard. Plus I know better than to push my luck. He is such a great guy. Anyways I have been wanting to try out the Joanns Sensations Rainbow Boucle that alot of people on Crochetville have been talking about. Well the Joanns is about a half hour from us here and since my hubby works in the city he stopped by and picked me up a couple of the skeins. He had called me to find out exactly what it was and when he went into Joanns the store clerk helping him couldn't find the exact thing so let him phone me from there. Between the two of them they found me these skeins and I am so pleased.
I am starting a knitted shawl with the blue and may make something for my granddaughters with the pink. I am also knitting a felted bag with some Noro yarn I picked up a couple of weeks ago. The yarn is great to work with although the price will keep me from doing another project after this one for quite a while.
Well here are some pics:
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Finally a beautiful day

Well today was finally a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest. From Rain yesterday to Sun and blue skies today. Jeez we whoudl have had this for the last 3 weeks. Ah well you take what you can get. Dennis got to go out and mow the lawn, just made his day. But the yard looks great now. Britt is counting the days till school is out, and I'm not. Well I haven't posted much but then I'm beginning to think thats par for the course. I've been busy crocheting and knitting. My knitting is slower than crocheting so don't have much to show in the knitting arena. I have started a knitted felted bag. Then put it down to finish up some bookmarks for the Bookmark swap at Crochetville. Picked up my felted bag worked on it for a couple hours than put it back down to start a Pineapple shawl. Finish the shawl and start on another doily. Oh well what can I say. Crocheting is faster and I see results faster. Anyways here are a few things I've completed. One of these days I will post pics of my wips maybe later tonight.
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