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I am a wife, mom and grandma to four. Three grown kids all on their own and one 12 year old left to raise. I'm an avid crocheter and knitter. I crochet more than knit but have been knitting more and more.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

new projects completed

here are some pics I took of the fingerless gloves I worked on last week. My daughter really liked them and so did a couple of her friends. She ended up giving away a set I made for her. Also worked on some book marks for my daughters teaches for valentines.
I have been having a good time increasing my abilities with knitting. It is a wonderful thing when what you make people and they appreciate it. I also made the thong bookmark, I got the patterns from crochetme magazine online. I made one for my daughter and one of my co-workers. The glove pattern I got from http:/
It has been a good day all and all, had to work but it was so made the day seem longer. But now I am home and life is good. Well hopefully these pics come out if not oh well I tried.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Good day

Today has actually been a good day. No traumas at work, got all my paperwork caught up with and filed. I gave one of the ladies I work with a book mark I had crocheted using a pattern i got from donna at the yarn tomato. Instead of a round bead I had used a fish glass bead, well unknowingly she also collects fish as well as reads a great deal. She was doubly delighted which also delighted me. Makes my day when someone appreciates what you give them. I will be working on some heart bookmarks for my daughters teachers this weekend. She is picking out the colors and I am doing the work figures..... So this will be a productive weekend coming up.
My son is in Irag and I received a phone call from him, it makes for a wonderful week when you hear from a loved one. He is fine and things are quiet where he is. Which is good news for the mom. Well if I get my camera out and my daughter sitting still I will be posting pics of the fingerless gloves I finished this week. She has also given a pair away to a friend of hers that really liked hers. Okey thats about all for today.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

This is the 1899 Jeweled Theatrical costume. Posted by Hello

These are a pair of Flappers dolls from the Paradise Dolls collection Patterns Posted by Hello

Princess Di  Posted by Hello

Gold Rush Doll Posted by Hello

Dolls I refurbished using Paradise Doll Patterns. Posted by Hello

Samples of crocheted outfits

Well I will be showcasing a few of my Barbies that I crocheted outfits for. Most of my patterns are taken from the Paradise doll Pattern books. The seem difficult but are simple to do, just have to get use to the beads and sequins. I enjoy doing the doll fashions because they are small and you see the results quite quickly. I also like to crochet doilies, washclothes and hair scrunchies for my daughter and granddaughters. I have recently been knitting fingerless gloves for the girls also. I think they turned out okey. My daughter seems to enjoy them quite a bit.
As soon as I can get my daughter to sit still long enough I will take pics and you all can be the judge.