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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Hi all well I am back again.  I am sporatic at best on my blog but then you know life gets in the way and what free time I do have I am crocheting or knitting some thing.  Anyways I tested a pattern called Snowflake Winter Cap for Etaria at Crochet garden.  It gives me something new and interesting to work with and test my skills in crochet.  I cannot say enough about her designs.  They are remarkable works and she does a great job testing her patterns to be sure the patterns are as error free as possible.  I am the second wave of testers on this particular cap in order to be sure the gauge is correct for the sizes listed.

Here is a picture of Brittany with the frontal view of the hat, as you can tell she had to do something silly just as I clicked the camera.
Image hosted by
A side view of her showing how it covers the ears and back of the head wonderfully. 
Image hosted by
A better picture of Britt with the front view.  If you are interested in this pattern you should go by:
Image hosted by Photobucket.comI think my kid looks a little sleepy in this pic may because she had a friend over this week end and stayed up later than usual.  Anyways she puts up with my using her as my test dummy and doesn't fuss to much about it so I guess I can forgive her when she makes funny faces.