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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Rainy oregon

Well we are finally getting our rain. It has been a pretty dry and mild winter and so we really need the rain around here. We are also getting some wind coming up this weekend, so it will be kind of scary with the rain and wind.
We have 5 trees that have branches waiting to just fall off, landlord won't cut them until they fall so hopefully if they do decide to come down this weekend it will miss our house and and the neighbors. Well other than the weather not much has been going on, I am working on some socks for myself. I got the pattern from Kimberly at Woven N Spun and they are working up nicely. At least I think they are for me my daughter is making noises like she would like them. Hmmmm, that is unusual at the best of times because she is twelve and prefers store bought to home made usually.
I have two more sock patterns I will be working on after this but once I finish the ones I'm working on I will post them here. Well thats about it for now.


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