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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Just checking in

Not to much been hapening around here. We are watching the Jeff Foxworthy roast, ought to be funny.
Anyhow been crocheting more but no pictures as of yet, made three more poncho sets for two nieces and my youngest granddaughter. Hopefully their moms will send pics.. I finally got around to making a sock. It turned out okey just have to make the other one. Thats the problem with making socks you have to make two. Jeez what was I thinking. Trying out a couple more bookmarks also. Well we are now in our new home at it is so much better than our last board and one of the reasons I haven't posted lately because I am always there. okey thats about it for tonight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still have yet to join Crochetville. I hear its a lot of fun though. One of my first crochet projects was a pair of bootie slippers for myself and I altered the pattern a bit to increase on the sides for my wide feet. One came out slightly different from the other,but I still wear them. Later, I tried to make another pair and no matter what I did they were coming out too big. Think I wrote down my changes to the pattern? NOPE! Try, try again, I guess! Good luck!

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