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Friday, February 11, 2005

Good day

Today has actually been a good day. No traumas at work, got all my paperwork caught up with and filed. I gave one of the ladies I work with a book mark I had crocheted using a pattern i got from donna at the yarn tomato. Instead of a round bead I had used a fish glass bead, well unknowingly she also collects fish as well as reads a great deal. She was doubly delighted which also delighted me. Makes my day when someone appreciates what you give them. I will be working on some heart bookmarks for my daughters teachers this weekend. She is picking out the colors and I am doing the work figures..... So this will be a productive weekend coming up.
My son is in Irag and I received a phone call from him, it makes for a wonderful week when you hear from a loved one. He is fine and things are quiet where he is. Which is good news for the mom. Well if I get my camera out and my daughter sitting still I will be posting pics of the fingerless gloves I finished this week. She has also given a pair away to a friend of hers that really liked hers. Okey thats about all for today.


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