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I am a wife, mom and grandma to four. Three grown kids all on their own and one 12 year old left to raise. I'm an avid crocheter and knitter. I crochet more than knit but have been knitting more and more.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Here is Brittany posing with a scarf I knitted with a really soft yarn I picked up on sale at Ben Franklins.  I really love how this yarn feels and when you wear the scarf wheather leaving it long or wrapping it around your neck it looks great.
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Image hosting by PhotobucketThis is one of the hats I received from Lorrie over at Crochetville for the hat swap.  Brittany loved the hats so much she agreed to actually sit and have her picture taken with them on.  If  you knew how hard it is to get a picture taken of her lately you would understand what I'm talking about.

Image hosting by PhotobucketAnother of the hats that Lorrie made.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThis is a scarf I made using No Bo yarn that is Wal-marts brand yarn.  It is a simple sc ribbing with fringe added.  This yarn has like three different types of yarn weaved together which gives it a soft textured look to it.

Image hosting by PhotobucketThis scarf I made using Moda Dea Tickler tape and Eden for the edging.  I have been trying to fill up my time till I get some thread I ordered in so these make easy quick projects to do in the meantime.

Image hosting by PhotobucketHere is a picture of Brittany Jumping rope with my green scarf.  She is such a turkey some times.  But then again she is still a kid and does act that way thank goodness. 

Image hosting by PhotobucketAnother pic of Jumping rope with scarf in action.

Image hosting by PhotobucketHere is the scarf as it should be used.  Hope you all have a great day.


Blogger knitwerks said...

Hi Mary! all those projects are beautiful and your daughter is so supportive of your creations that she models for you all the time.

3:21 AM  

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